English, please!

Yep, you landed on a German blog. 

Utterly confusing? Can't blame you. Vee do not mince our vords and do not bother with a verb until we have reached the end of a sentence. Which, btw, might take a while. The longer, the better, I tell you. With a couple of commas thrown in for good measure! 

My name is Mrs. Silber. My name in real life is very long, much like a German sentence. My colleagues poke fun at me whenever a formally addressed envelope lands on my desk.

What I like most in life is to travel. Nothing beats an extensive American road trip. My husband and I have visited many countries, with tons still on our list. At the moment we are mostly sticking to short trips in Europe, though. We are testing the waters of being on the move with Doggie and Baby. 

Apart from travelling, I love reading & writing, chatting to strangers and engaging in anything creative. I find inspiration in London and Bangkok and love to dance ballet. I am constantly on the move.

After finishing my PhD, I had a half-hearted, yet successful career in finance. After a decade, I realised that this was not for me. I now put all my effort and energy into a small start-up, which I enjoy lots.

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